Philippe Leroux II

Continuo(ns), De la texture, De la vitesse… all Philippe Leroux’s titles indicate movement and temporariness, characteristic of his aesthetic. Reiteration and a persistent beating call upon the listener’s memory. The experience of electroacoustic music and the practice of mixed music, a double act for sound phenomena and graphic symbols, as well as the Gregorian neums in Je brûle, are fundamental for Leroux. At his side, Accroche Note invites two composers familiar with IRCAM, here entirely focused on the voice. Marco Momi for the creation of a quasi-requiem and Pierre Jodlowski who has chosen a zone of depression and shadows, a discourse “hampered by a dark force that prevents the normal course of action”.

Pierre Jodlowski

Pierre Jodlowski

Ensemble Accroche Note
Musical Assistant and Recordings of Original Sounds
François Donato

Philippe Leroux Continuo(ns); Je brûle, dit-elle un jour à un camarade
Marco Momi Almost Requiem, Premiere
Pierre Jodlowski Ombra della Mente, commissioned by the French State, French Premiere

An Accroche Note production. An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou and BABBEL coproduction. With the support of the Sacem.