Rendezvous: Philippe Leroux II, June 19

Describing Pierre Jodlowski as a simple composer would be an over-simplification, unless you understand the word composer to go beyond the musical domain. With origins in the worlds of rock, jazz, and improvisation as well as classical music, it is only during his musicology studies that he truly discovers “contemporary” music – the music of Stockhausen, Xenakis, and Pierre Henry. He became interested in composition and joined Sonvs, the department of creation and new technologies at the Lyon Conservatory where he was advised by Philippe Manoury. Jodlowski then went on to do the Cursus program at IRCAM. Passionate about the connection between artistic writing and technologies, he founded with other composers, including Bertrand Dubedout, the musical creation studio Éole in Blagnac (near Toulouse) as well as the Festival Novelum.

For Pierre Jodlowski, the contemporary musical universe is a place for unexpected freedom, unrestrained by borders. He has developed an interest in multi-disciplinary projects, is interested in video, the stage, installations, language – sound as physical material that has become a tool for decoding, defining, and adjoining different spaces.

Pierre Jodlowski

Pierre Jodlowski

Firmly committed, the themes of memory, the urban milieu, individual freedom in society, and the longevity of culture can be found throughout his oeuvre. His attachment to literature has led to the creation of operatic works of a new genre: Le royaume d’en bas (directed by Christophe Bergon), Jour 54 (based on texts by Georges Perec, with video by Pierre Nouvel), L’Aire du Dire (based on diverse texts by Christophe Tarkos, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jean Jaurès, Diderot, and an Indian chief Seattle in 1854).

Imbued with rhythm and energy, if we had to choose a term to define him in the framework of an aesthetic trend, Pierre Jodlowski is happy to qualify his work as “active music”…. and we are tempted to add “activist”.

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