To transgress: simultaneously asserting a boundary and its limit, law and desire. This aesthetic, philosophical, and political act underpins IRCAM’s multidisciplinary festival and academy, ManiFeste-2014. What are today’s transgressions? Among the savage singularities of ManiFeste-2014 are Pierre Guyotat seen by Stanislas Nordey, Georges Aperghis meeting Samuel Beckett, the voice of Michel Foucault, and the figure of the director-composer transgressing the new separation between performer and creator. An outbreak of gesture or harmonic integration, this fault line is found throughout the festival: Xenakis, Crzernowin, and Cendo face to face with Benjamin, Haas, and Leroux. We open the doors to an eminently electric festival.


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Registre des Lumières by Raphaël Cendo at the Cité de la musique
25 June
As mentioned in our previous article (by the way, feel free to send us yours!), this beginning of ManiFeste was, above all, favorable to multidisciplinary propositions between music and performance arts or images. Could this concert-chorus at the Cité de la Musique by SWR Vokalenensemble Stuttgart and the Ensemble musikFabrik bring us back to the more-familiar shores of contemporary music?


The IRCAM Open House
8 July
Relive the enthusiasm of those who discovered IRCAM’s current research on June 14th. From the open-air stage of the place Igor Stravinsky to the institute’s underground spaces…


10 July
Founded by Pierre Boulez in 1976 with the assistance of Michel Guy (the current Secretary of State for Culture) and the collaboration of Nicholas Snowman, the ensemble’s 31 soloists share a passion for 20th and 21st century music.


4 June
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3 June
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