Rendezvous: Klangforum Wien, June 20  l  Quatuor-Électronique, June 21

Georg Friedrich Haas studied composition with Gösta Neuwirth, piano with Doris Wolf, and music education at the University of Graz. He continued his studies with Friedrich Cerha at the Vienna conservatory. He has also taken part in the summer school in Darmstadt as well as a class on composition and computer music at IRCAM in Paris.

Georg-Friedrich Haas © Universal Edition / Eric Marinitsch

Georg-Friedrich Haas © Universal Edition / Eric Marinitsch

Based on the integration of the harmonic specter as well as the dialectic between the individual parts and the global results, the Georg Friedrich Haas’ music has always led to sonic experimentation. Realizing the limits of the tempered range’s acoustic and harmonic possibilities, the composer became interested in microtonality. He is also very interested in in the indistinct, as seen in his pieces intended to be performed in total darkness. His interest for lyric art is expressed in his opera Melancholia, with a text by Jon Fosse (Paris, 2008). Since 1978, Georg Friedrich Haas has taught counterpoint, composition techniques, analysis, and an introduction to microtonal music at the Graz Conservatory. In 2003, he was named professor. He has published articles on the works of Luigi Nono, Ivan Wyschnegradsky, Alois Hába, and Pierre Boulez. Since 2013, he has taught at Columbia University in New York.


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