Rendezvous: In Vivo Danse, July 3

At the age of 10, Loïc Touzé entered the school at the Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris. Beginning in 1992, he danced in the ballet corps and participated in numerous creations with the GRCOP directed by Jacques Garnier. He resigned from the opera to turn towards New Dance and joined the projects by Carolyn Carlson, Mathilde Monnier–who is still one of his creative partners–Jean-François Duroure, Catherine Diverrès, and Bernardo Montet (1986-1991). The creation of his own company with Fabienne Compet (1992) was the beginning of a long period of exploration sharpened by the discovery, on stage and off, of the contributions of Dominique Bagouet (via Olivia Grandville) and Julyen Hamilton (contact-improvisation). The solo version of Dans les allées, les allées… (1995) was wildly successful, a work that questioned the very basics of choreographic writing. We can go back to Morceau (2001-2005), a process-work conceived as a collection of micro-performances that addresses the expectations of a performance. Alongside Latifa Laâbissi (then the co-director of the company 391 with Loïc Touzé), Yves-Noël Genod, and Jennifer Lacey Morceau restored some of the elements of traditional writing for a performance usually abandoned. Love in 2003 and 9 in 2007 reinforced the relationship with the artist Jocelyn Cottencin. During the 2009-2010 season, Loïc Touzé premiered La chance during the Mettre en scène festival in Rennes. The research on relationships continued in La chance, a work that demonstrates the obvious, between the act of dancing that involves a performer in the instant of the stage, and the choreographer as he exists via his projection in the giving form to writing.

Loïc Touzé © Mahaut Clément

Loïc Touzé © Mahaut Clément

2010: Loïc Touzé settles in Nantes. He and Anne Kerzerho begin the project Autour de la Table that questions the plurality of knowledge and practices of the body in light of different cultural contexts and their exchanges in public space.

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