Rendezvous: Klangforum Wien, June 20

Aurélien Dumont holds a diploma in art therapy from the faculté de médecine de Tours as well as a master’s degree in aesthetics and art from the université de Lille. After his career at the university, he studied composition at the Paris Conservatory (Cnsmdp) with Gérard Pesson and took part in the Cursus program at IRCAM (Cursus 1 2010-2011 and Cursus 2 2012-13). Since 2012, he is a doctoral student in composition in the SACRe program (Science Art Création Recherche) at the École normale supérieure where he is researching the idea of trans-disciplines and the emergence of new artistic forms. Aurélien Dumont’s music is imagined like a temporal slide, like a map made up of tiny landscapes where surprising musical objects are juxtaposed. Japanese culture, contemporary poetry (a long collaboration with Dominique Quélen), as well as a particular reflection on musical stage design are all central to his preoccupations.

Aurélien Dumont © N. Bouils

Aurélien Dumont © N. Bouils

The works of Aurélien Dumont have been performed by prestigious specialized ensembles in Europe (Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Linéa, Ensemble KNM, Quatuor Diotima, etc.), and his work for musical theater—Grands défilés (text and production by Frédéric Tentelier) was premiered at the Opéra de Lille in 2011.

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