Rendezvous: L’Aurore, June 11

Helmut Oehring © Jens Oellermann

Helmut Oehring © Jens Oellermann

Born in Berlin to deaf-mute parents, Helmut Oehring worked as a builder from 1978 to 1980 before doing other jobs. In 1984, he began to study European contemporary music alone, and taught himself to play the guitar and to compose.  He was advised by the composers André Asriel, Helmut Zapf, Georg Katzer, and Friedrich Goldmann, before studying under Georg Katzer at the Berlin Academy of Arts in 1990. In 1994, he was a resident at the Cité des Arts in Paris and at the German Academy Villa Massimo in Rome in 1995.

In 2011, btb / Random House published his autobiography Mit anderen Augen (With Other Eyes). In 2013, he composed an opera for Wagner’s bicentennial, SehnSuchtMEER or The Flying Dutchman, premiered in Düsseldorf, followed by AscheMOND or The Fairy Queen, premiered in 2013 by the State Opera of Berlin. Today, Helmut Oehring and his librettist Stefanie Woerdemann are preparing a musical theater work Orfeo or The Heart of Darkness for the Ensemble Ictus, Emanuelle Haïm, and Le Concert d’Astrée that will be premiered by the Opéra de Lille during their 2014-2015 season.

“In fact, composition doesn’t interest me very much. My music is blood, tears, violence, hate, death, and love. But what is it like, my music? Dark, morbid, operatic, dramatic, hard, schizoid, sick, broken, crazy, androgynous, nightmarishly realistic. My dream is to compose a sort of melodrama documentary. After almost every piece I think: that one, that was the last one. But as long as the rope holds, I won’t come down, and anyway, it would only be while waiting to write.”

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