Rendezvous: Danse: Pick – Fure, June 13, 14

Yuval Pick © Laurent Phlippe

Yuval Pick © Laurent Phlippe

“I am convinced that important works are the results of nothing but a strong complicity between creator and dancers. This art of the instant and the embodiment of the work are deeply connected with its sensitive medium, the dancers. In consequence, creator and translator, are both create a whole; though it sounds obvious, it is important for me to point this out since it is the first foundation element of my approach of dancing. I am deeply convinced to be a choreographer of a group and as such to have a relevant point to develop in works with a large group of dancers. I have had the opportunity to outline this approach with Le Sacre created in 2004 for the dancers of the “Ballet de Lorraine”. This experience allowed me to feel the possibilities and to confront my dance with space organization and a group impact for serving a poetic gesture. In 2007 with Strand behind and in 2008 with /Paon/ I could develop further this approach. In these works I chose to consider each body as an element of a human landscape, and I tried to find which gestures and shapes could enable the visibility of information lying deeply in our organic texture. The creation of Strand behind was also an important step for me since it gave me the opportunity to meet Anna Massoni, Lazare Huet and Antoine Roux-Briffaud. These 3 dancers are presently the core of my company. Their approach to dance and their ability to show their humanity through movement have become a prime factor in the progression of my work. Together we share the certainty that movements are a medium to tell a truth on our being, with the idea that dance has the capacity to unveil and innate knowledge within us. My work as a choreographer than represents the organization of this unveiling. Though I am passionately interested working with a large-scale group, I am not very attracted to a dance in unison. My approach of dancing tends towards a symphony of juxtaposed identities, like assembling layers of sensations and emotions. The ability of a group to transform a space thanks to an organic addition of identities fascinates me. I work to interact dancers with the idea that each one among them questioned the world and his own essence by being combined with the other. There is a fundamental answer to find in the confrontation with the other: this existential approach is the driving force of my dancing. I have the feeling that combining a group’s dynamics with my choreographic language and my roots could provide relevant and sensitive lighting on these humanities in motion: a revealed truth.” Yuval Pick

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