Rendezvous: Joyeux animaux de la misère, June 11, 12

In 1967, the publisher Gallimard released an exceptional book by Pierre Guyotat, Tombeau pour cinq cent mille soldats, followed in 1970 by the publication of Éden, Éden, Éden immediately censored by the French Ministry of Interior.

In 1973, Pierre Guyotat wrote for the theater for the first time with Bond en avant. Commissioned by the Festival d’Automne à Paris, another theatrical work by Guyotat premiered at the Théâtre de la Bastille in November 1987. In March 2010, the third autobiographical tale by Guyotat, Arrière-fond (following Coma and à Formation). He replies the Jacques Henric’s questions, “Holiness is not reduced to humanity, just as reducing the art of poetry to literature is unthinkable for me.”

Pierre Guyotat © C. Hélie Gallimard

Pierre Guyotat © C. Hélie Gallimard

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