Luna Park

How do you see without being seen? In Luna Park, everyone watches everyone else. Placed side by side in an alter imagined by Georges Aperghis, the four protagonists have only virtual contact amongst them – never physical or direct contact – via circuits: microphones, surveillance cameras, screens, spying loud-speakers. Each protagonist looks into their camera as if looking into a deep well, maintaining an almost romantic relationship with it and with their own image. An attempt at auto-surveillance?
After a European tour, Luna Park has arrived at the Centre Pompidou. The virtual world embedded in the real world creates false leads that the audience uses to create their own assembly and mix. A panoptic of today.

Luna Park © Sylvia Gomes

Luna Park © Sylvia Gomes

Music and Production Georges Aperghis
Set and Lighting Design Daniel Lévy
Texts Georges Aperghis and François Regnault
IRCAM Computer Music Design Grégory Beller
Artistic Production Collaborator Émilie Morin
Video Development Yann Philippe
With Richard Dubelski, Eva Furrer, Johanne Saunier, Mike Schmid

Publisher : Didascalia
An IRCAM-Les Spectacles vivants/Centre Pompidou, Réseau Varèse coproduction. A Futur en Seine associated event. With the support of the SACD.

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